Heal Your Animal With Advanced Methods

Heal Your Animal With Advanced Methods

Take advantage of the benefits of laser therapy

It’s easy to feel helpless when watching an animal experience pain. What if there were a way to speed up the healing process and provide them relief? Paws, Claws and Hooves Veterinary Center can provide such a solution for you. We offer laser therapy treatments, which stimulate your animal’s internal cellular energy process to aid in healing.

We use a device to administer non-thermal photons of light to the body for three to eight minutes. These photons are absorbed by the injured cells, which respond with a higher rate of metabolism. This treatment results in pain relief, increased circulation, reduced inflammation and an acceleration of the healing process.

You can expect your pet to relax and enjoy the treatment as it is administered. The immediate relief from pain will allow your pet to release their anxieties and feel at ease.

You can reach us at 509-578-1729 to learn more about laser therapy treatments.

What is laser therapy for?

If you’re concerned that your animal is experiencing a considerable amount of pain due to a procedure or medical condition, laser therapy might be a solution for them. Laser therapy can be used to treat:

Joint Conditions

Arthritis | Degenerative joint disease | Hip dysplasia

General Pain

Sprains | Strains | Stiffness

Post-Surgery Pain

Spays | Neuters| Declaws | Dental procedures

Skin Conditions

Hot spots | Lick granulomas | Infections

Fractures and Wounds

Bites | Abrasions | Lesions

Ear Infections

Work with Paws, Claws and Hooves to remedy your animal’s pain with laser therapy.